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Probiotic-10 60 herbal capsules

Probiotic-10 60 herbal capsules

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Probiotic 10 for the treatment and support of the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Probiotics are food supplements containing live bacteria that benefit humans by maintaining a balance of friendly bacteria compared to the disease-causing bacteria in the body.

Probiotics 10 from Bara Herbs has a unique composition that includes 10 billion (!) Friendly probiotic bacteria from three complementary strains were carefully selected - to synergize the digestive rhythm.

Advantages of the 'Probiotics 10' product:
Each capsule contains strains of bacteria studied worldwide and whose positive effect has been maintained even during antibiotic treatment.
This unique combination of bacterial strains has improved resistance to gastric acidity and survival until they reach their target area.
'Probiotics 10' is manufactured by Barbara Herbs under the most stringent European standards in sensitive probiotic products.
'Probiotics 10' contains FOS fibers extracted from the chicory plant. These fibers serve as a food substrate for friendly probiotic bacteria and thus contribute to their prosperity.

Each capsule contains:
Lb rhamnosus SP1 - 3.35 billion bacteria.
Lb acidophilus LA3 - 3.35 billion bacteria.
Bf animalis lactis BLC1 - 3.35 billion bacteria.
FOS | Fructooligosaccharides | Polysaccharide fibers.

How to use:
2-1 capsule the day before or with a meal.
You can open the capsule and add it to food or water.
It is recommended that it be refrigerated after opening.

Contents: 60 herbal capsules


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