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Floris Actiplus Spray 3X 25 ml Throat And Mouth Problems Pure Propolis Extract

Floris Actiplus Spray 3X 25 ml Throat And Mouth Problems Pure Propolis Extract

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ActiPlus Spray 3 bottles x 25ml


ActiPlus Throat Spray from Plant Extract & Propolis.

Actiplus spray comprises liquid extract and Propolis: Floris Standardized Dry Extract and four medicinal plants: common sage, thyme bush, coronation tree, and camomile, for throat disinfection and relief.

Delicate flavor (mint & cinnamon).

It is especially recommended to preserve a good level of disinfection of the mouth and the throat.

Alleviates hoarseness.

Directions for Use:

For prevention: splay 2-3 times daily for an extended period

For treatment:

every 3 hours for approximately 5 days.


Pure Propolis Extract - "The Antibiotics of Nature”.

A beehive product is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has been attributed to antiseptic, antiviral, and antiseptic properties.

Medical sage - a medicinal plant containing essential oils that encourage the extraction and decomposition of phlegm, has antiseptic activity, and relieves throat infections.

Thyme (Thyme) - a highly studied medicinal plant, to which anti-bacterial properties are attributed.

Effective as a disinfectant that helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the airways by encouraging the removal and dissolution of phlegm and relief from sore throat.

Clove - a medicinal plant containing essential oil with antiseptic activity.

Contributes to numbness and pain relief.

Chamomile flowers - a medicinal plant containing anti-inflammatory essential oil, which contributes to the relaxation and relief of throat irritations.

ActiPlus is Kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Haifa and the orthodox Bais Din Tzedek of Jerusalem.

ActiPlus is a food additive, not a medication.

Ministry of Health regulations states that pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people taking prescription medication, and children must consult a physician.


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