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Patented liposomal coenzyme Q10 for improved absorption 60 capsules

Patented liposomal coenzyme Q10 for improved absorption 60 capsules

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100 mg of patented liposomal coenzyme Q10 for improved absorption

What is CoQ10?
The CoQ10 enzyme line, also called ubiquinone, is a powerful antioxidant found in all body cells and muscles, which protects against free radicals and is essential in the process of producing the cellular energy ATP in the different tissues of the body, such as the heart muscle, nerve tissues, and skeletal muscles.
The Q10 enzyme line is produced in the body's cells, but its production decreases at the age of 40 and over, and we also consume 10Q from dietary sources in small amounts.
What are the causes of CoQ10 deficiency?
Poor nutrition - an unbalanced nutritional menu containing mainly processed foods or malnutrition can cause a lack of co-enzyme Q10. In addition, the Q10 enzyme line is destroyed in fried foods.

Lack of vitamins - lack of B vitamins, vitamin C, and trace minerals causes reduced production of the Q10 enzyme line in the liver.

Carrying out vigorous physical activity over a long period of time may result in increased utilization of the Q10 enzyme line and a lack of it.

Different drugs such as statins or chemotherapy treatments damage the production of the Q10 enzyme and cause a lack of it.

Stress - high levels of stress cause oxidative stress resulting in increased utilization of Q10 and lack of it.

Age - the absorption and production of Q10 decreases as you get older.

What disorders and symptoms are caused by a lack of CoQ10?
The main symptoms of Q10 deficiency are fatigue, muscle weakness, and muscle pain. 
What is special about Bara's CoQ10?
The bioavailability of CoQ10 is low and its absorption is difficult. Therefore, the use of liposomal lipid bodies is highly effective in increasing its bioavailability and improving its absorption considerably.
Bara Coenzyme Q10 contains 100 mg of CoQ10 and is produced with the innovative patented Phytosome® technology in the Indian company (Italy) to improve its bioavailability and assimilation in the skeletal muscles, 14 times more than a normal supplement (!) as clinically tested.
The world's first formulation of CoQ10 with proven muscle absorption - only Bera Plants is exclusive in Israel on the patent.
This technology enables a significant increase in the absorption of the supplement, increasing the duration of absorption and its maximum concentration in the plasma.


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