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LACTOFIL Treatment Cream wash for sensitive skin 500ml

LACTOFIL Treatment Cream wash for sensitive skin 500ml

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LACTOFIL Treatment Cream wash for sensitive skin

Using low-pH substances to maintain the skin and not impair its acidity is essential.

Lactofil soap emulsion is the only one with a pH of 3.5, which does not damage and does not dry out the oily layer of the skin. It has no perfumes that can cause skin irritation or harmful whitening detergents and is the only one clinically tested and proven to treat dry, cracked, and irritated skin.

Lactofil cream wash is suitable for body wash and hygiene for the whole family, especially for irritated skin.

It is also ideal for babies, especially in the diaper area, to neutralize the excreted substances in the urine and irritate the skin;

For people suffering from scratched and damaged skin who need an infection-resistant soap;

For people with diabetes (recommended by the Israeli Diabetes Association)

for skin care with particular emphasis on the hygiene of the feet and feet.

Dry, cracked, and irritated skin is a common problem among most people.

The skin is exposed daily to harsh conditions, water, detergents, cuts, and injuries, and it tends to lose moisture and dry out.

A wide range of factors that affect the skin must be addressed to restore it, maintain it over time, and prevent problems in the future.

Our body's skin naturally protects itself by maintaining the level of acidity.

Skin acidity has two main functions:

• Natural skin protection from bacteria that cause infections and diseases.

• Participation in the skin cell regeneration process.

Our bodies have sensitive areas that are extremely low in acidity: folds of skin, a living room, a crotch, between the fingers of the feet, etc. The pH level in these areas is high, weakening the skin's natural protection and leading to the development of fungi and bacteria living in a primary environment.

It is important to use pH 3.5 products to protect these sensitive areas.

Lactofil quickly builds and restores the skin's acidic protection layer, providing skin with protection, nourishment, and cleanliness.

How to Use:

It is for daily use as a body wash and for personal hygiene. Shake well before use.

✔︎ No Vaseline

✔︎ No Silicone

✔︎ No Fragrance

✔︎ No Paraben

✔︎ Dermatology Tested

✔︎ Ozone Friendly

✔︎ No Artificial Colors

✔︎ Not Tested On Animals



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