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Iron Comfort 90 Unit | Vegan | Suitable For Pregnant Women (3x30)

Iron Comfort 90 Unit | Vegan | Suitable For Pregnant Women (3x30)

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Altman Iron Comfort 3X 30 Unit = 90

  • Vegan, Suitable For Pregnant Women, Vitamin C
  • Winner of Innovation Product Award in Europe.
  • The daily dose is in personal packaging.
  • Plus, vitamin C for better absorption

Altman Iron Comfort is a dietary supplement containing iron and vitamins.

Iron Comfort Femina is a powder that includes iron and adds vitamin C. It is considered a delicious way to consume iron. Iron Comfort Femina consists of a unique patent for iron absorption; the powder dissolves quickly in the mouth without any side effects and with minimal digestive disturbance. The product is also suitable for vegans and has kosher fur under the supervision of Badatz Maor Kashrut.

Iron is an essential mineral for the body to produce red blood cells. When the body does not get enough iron, it can not have an average amount of red blood cells, called iron deficiency or anemia. Iron deficiency can lead to unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, decreased physical performance, increased risk of infections, and even learning problems in children and adults. Although a balanced Western diet often provides adequate amounts of iron, it may still be necessary to take supplements to meet body needs, for example, in cases of bleeding.

Iron supplements are available in various applications, including capsules, tablets, chewing tablets, liquids, and powder. In most people, the blood count will return to normal after about two months of treatment to complete iron deficiency. It is recommended to continue taking supplements for another 6-12 months and to build the body's iron reserves in the bone marrow. Excess dosage should be maintained. Iron should be taken only in cases of lack of blood tests and on a physician's recommendation.

Iron Comfort - powder containing iron plus vitamin C,

just put it on the tongue and let the powder dissolve in the mouth,

The new way to consume iron is delicious!

Contains iron innovative patented technologies - SiderAL

  • Unique patented absorption of iron (structure liposome)
  • reduced gastrointestinal side effects are painting the stool
  • No aftertaste; Benedek populations are susceptible
  • Based Research
  • dissolves quickly in the mouth
  • Also suitable for pregnant women

90 units (3x30)


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Customer Reviews

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Danit Keidar
excellent source of iron without side effects

easy to take, tasty and smooth. excellent source of iron. no side effects, just pure energy. love it and highly recommend.