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Spirulina 5 60 tablets

Spirulina 5 60 tablets

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Food of the Future Plus!

Spirulina is one of the earliest forms of life.
It has a very high nutritional value and is rich in nutrients.
In recent years it has gained immense popularity as a concentrated food supplement that is considered a superfood.
The World Health Organization has identified spirulina as a source of high-quality available protein and beta-carotene, and it has been used in projects to help children with malnutrition.
The United Nations even called spirulina "the food of the future."

Spirulina contains about 65% complete protein that includes all the essential amino acids, complex B vitamins, beta carotene, vitamin E, fatty acid GLA, omega 3, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, manganese, and large amounts of chlorophyll, Bioflavonoids, and antioxidants.
Spirulina does not have a hard cell wall that is difficult to absorb like other algae (such as chlorella). It is easily absorbed, without any heat and steam-processing that different types of algae undergo to allow them to be absorbed.

Herbal properties in the product:
Intoxicating Whitney - is a key plant in traditional Indian medicine which, thanks to its invigorating qualities and effect on energy, is known as "Indian Ginseng".
In light of the diverse potential inherent in it, scientific research has shown great interest in Whitanya in recent years. Whitney root contains iron.

Turmeric - Turmeric and the main active ingredient curcumin are really flourishing in the field of scientific research, in view of the diverse biological properties and its wide potential for human impact.

Ginger - In the view of traditional herbal medicine, ginger contains preventive, warming, and stimulating energy, and it contains powerful antioxidants. It is used to support the evacuation process, regulate the digestive rhythm, and relieve feelings of heaviness, energy drop, and bloating after meals.

Advantages of the Spirulina 5+ product:

A synergistic, effective, and balanced herbal formula that combines pure spirulina algae from an Israeli crop with highly concentrated herbal extracts.
Spirulina 5 is suitable as a dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans, for people whose diet is mostly based on processed foods or whose diet is insufficient, as a natural alternative to artificial food supplements, and more.
A blue-and-white product from an Israeli crop that is produced using the highest quality raw materials
Dried in the sun in a natural process of raw food, without harming the content of essential fatty acids and other nutrients.
No added sugar or artificial sweeteners, no preservatives

Kosher Badatz signed by Sofer Bnei Brak

How to use:
3 tablets twice a day before meals.
It is recommended to start with one tablet a day and gradually increase every few days.


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