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Multivitamin for pregnant women Chewing gum-coated tablets 30 tablets

Multivitamin for pregnant women Chewing gum-coated tablets 30 tablets

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A multivitamin for pregnant women with chewing gum, a groundbreaking Israeli patent that allows you to enjoy taking a multivitamin-mineral for pregnant women in an easy, simple, comfortable, and delicious experience!

One unit a day provides the four ingredients recommended by the Ministry of Health for pregnant women: folic acid, iodine, iron, and vitamin D. An exclusive patent of a chewable tablet with a unique chewing gum coating, with a great taste of grape cherry.

There is a sweeping recommendation for taking nutritional supplements designed for pregnancy, for the proper development of the fetus, to maintain the mother's health and the normal course of pregnancy.
However, during pregnancy, many women have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets that are too large or have a bad taste and odor during the period due to the high sensory sensitivity during this period.

From today, caring for the health of the mother and baby becomes much simpler, easier, tastier, and more convenient!
Tab in Gum A multivitamin for pregnant women in the format of chewing gum is a unique dietary supplement adapted for women for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding and provides the recommended vitamins and minerals to take during pregnancy in doses that meet the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

This unique technology is a global breakthrough in the field of nutritional supplements that allows you to enjoy the same active ingredients - in a simple, comfortable, and delicious experience.
The release of the active ingredients takes place in just 120 seconds for chewing!

Tab in Gum Multivitamin - Mineral for pregnant women contains folic acid in the active derivative "methyl-folate" in a dose of 400 mcg, iron in a dose of 30 mg, with the addition of vitamin C to improve absorption, iodine in a dose of 220 mcg, depending For the recommended dose according to the Association of Gynecologists and Vitamin D 400 IU.

Tab In Gum - a global breakthrough in the field of nutritional supplements!
Chewing gum nutritional supplements, with a groundbreaking global patent!
A New Delivery System that allows you to consume vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in an accurate and controlled daily dose of a tablet with a unique coating of chewing gum.

The Tab In Gum series comes in a variety of delicious fruit flavors that are fun to consume, up to 800 mg of active ingredients in a chewable tablet, And to a very high standard of quality and effectiveness!

Instructions for use:
One unit per day
Energy facts:
8 calories per serving

Kosher Parve Mehadrin under the supervision of Badatz Nof Hagalil

Weight: 58.5 grams


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