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Careline CLEAR SKIN Self Heating Mask 100 ml

Careline CLEAR SKIN Self Heating Mask 100 ml

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Self-Heating Mask: A warming mask with activated natural charcoal and delicate volcanic granules for fat absorption and deep and practical cleansing of the pores

A cleansing mask oil with a heating effect activated in contact with wet skin.
Helps deep and practical cleansing of dirt, absorbs fat, and removes dead cells that accumulate in the pore opening and on the skin surface.

The heating effect, combined with the activated charcoal and fine grains, enhances the ability to cleanse and leaves the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. It has a smoother appearance, without comedones (blackheads) and oily shine.

The mask's rich and soothing texture leaves skin feeling clean, balanced, and fresh.
The combined effect of a pampering mask, heating action, grain exfoliation, and cleansing action of the charcoal causes the skin to maintain a matte, radiant appearance for long days.

The heating effect - the heating action obtained in contact with wet skin encourages blood flow in the cells, softens the upper stratum corneum, and helps dissolve stubborn dirt and grease accumulation.
Creating the heat effect helps to cleanse the skin more effectively and prepares it for better absorption of moisturizer after cleansing.

Activated charcoal - charcoal from a natural source that traps and absorbs fat, dirt, and toxins from the facial skin. Easily washed off the skin and leaves a fresh and clean feeling.

Perlite volcanic granules - microscopic granules from a natural source that gently massage dead skin cells and release an accumulation of dirt and grease in the opening of the pores.

Instructions for use:
The mask should be used on clean and wet facial skin for maximum results and continuous heating action.
With wet fingers, apply a generous layer of the mask to the face in massage movements for a minute.
The heating effect will be felt during the massage on the face.
You can wet your fingers again with water to increase the heating effect on the skin. Leave the mask on the face for 2-3 minutes.
The mask does not dry out.
Rinse thoroughly with water until the mask is completely removed.
Be sure to close the tube tightly after use.

100 ml


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