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Bara Magen EM - PREG 3 Herbal extract 100 ml

Bara Magen EM - PREG 3 Herbal extract 100 ml

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About the plants in the product:

Intoxicating Whitney - is a key plant in traditional Indian medicine, which thanks to its invigorating and energetic qualities is known as "Indian Ginseng".
Its importance increases during this period of renewal and construction processes when daily activities require an investment of effort and increased energy.
Because of the diverse potential inherent in it, scientific research has shown great interest in Vietnam in recent years and it has also been studied in immunological aspects.
Whitney root is known to contain iron.

Astragalus - This is a plant from traditional Chinese medicine, according to which it is considered a nourishing and strengthening of the life energy (qi).
It has unique antioxidant and polysaccharide components.
There are scientific studies that support it as having great potential both in immunological aspects and in terms of the beneficial effect on the person.

Echinacea - No one has not heard of Echinacea. It has a long-standing international reputation as a medicinal plant that has been extensively researched in recent years in immune contexts.

Ginger - In the view of traditional herbal medicine, ginger contains preventive, warming, and stimulating energy, and it contains powerful antioxidants.
It is also used for the efficient absorption of nutrients from food.
Ginger is also considered one of the well-known and commonly used plants when the nose is leaky and full. It contains components that in traditional medicine are considered to encourage the "movement" of fluids in bursts and excess secretions in the upper passages.

Valerian - The pronounced odor and dominant flavor of Hollerian cannot be ignored.
It is the most famous plant for people suffering from internal restlessness - which may adversely affect immune resistance.
In traditional herbal medicine, it is recommended to take valerian extract for body relaxation, for general relaxation from stress, and also for a good and deep night's sleep.

Product benefits Bara EM:
The best in herbal medicine - a concentrated herbal extract produced with static-dynamic extraction technology to keep the plant components natural and high quality.
The raw materials have undergone a series of rigorous quality tests following the most stringent standards to ensure their identifications, quality, and cleanliness.
No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, suitable for vegetarians and vegans

How to use:
5 ml in half a glass of water/juice, 1 - 3 times a day before meals.
It is recommended to start with half the dose in the first week.

Kosher Badatz Hatam Sofer Bnei Brak.
100 ml


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