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Everything you need to know about FACE CREAM

Skin cell moisture is essential for its health and elasticity, skin cells contain natural moisture, but exposure to sunlight, wind, dryness, and pollution impairs the natural moisture balance of the facial skin.
In the cosmetic chains there is a wide selection of moisturizers, each cream contains different ingredients, and the abundance is confusing.

For the undecided among you, some advice on how to choose the right moisturizer.

Although, skin cells naturally contain moisture, and a healthy body provides the cells with the necessary ingredients to maintain sufficient and balanced moisture.
However, the busy schedule, weather damage, exposure to sunlight and air pollution work against the skin's balancing mechanisms, and we must strengthen and protect the facial skin. It adds moisture to the skin that it lacks.
It maintains the moisture in the skin throughout the day, at night, moisturizer helps active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin.

The first step in choosing the right moisturizer for your facial skin is determining your skin type!
You need to know if your facial skin is normal, dry, oily, mixed, or sensitive.
When you are equipped with the data of your facial skin, you can choose a moisturizer whose ingredients are suitable for your skin, and will provide it with what it needs.

Each cream consists of different ingredients, and as a result is suitable for this or that specific skin.
Along with the creams sold in the various chain stores, you can also find a variety of therapeutic creams that can also be adapted to the skin type.
In the following lines we will list the various components, and the action of each component.
We also give some examples of different combinations and their suitability for this or that skin.

- preserves the moisture that naturally exists in the skin, and adds moisture to it.
Hyaluronic acid - a natural ingredient, which is also produced naturally in our body, adds moisture to the skin, renews the skin and protects it.

Beta glucan
- contains twenty percent more moisture than hyaluronic acid, helps renew and restore sunburned skin, balances and moisturizes the skin.

- protects the moisture in the skin, and adds moisture to it, keeps the moisture inside the skin, regenerates damaged skin, and prevents allergies and atopy of the skin.

Jojoba oil
- very similar to the oil produced in the human body, good for maintaining skin moisture.

Collagen and elastin
- good for anti-aging, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity.

Vitamin E - helps to alleviate and prevent damage from exposure to the sun, as well as skin regeneration.

Aloe Vera
- cools, soothes, and moisturizes the skin.

Butylene glycol
- forms the basis of the cream, is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, and allows the components of the cream to be absorbed into the skin, and to be applied uniformly.

A selection of face creams to protect your skin in any weather using a high-quality face moisturizer from the leading brands at affordable prices.
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